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Hello, my name is Brent Jones, User Interface Designer and Developer. I work with agencies, startups and local businesses in and around Austin to further their presence and products online. As a designer and coder, I am passionate about the form and function of everything I create. Please take some time to learn about me and view my portfolio. If you like what you see then please send me a quick message using my contact form and let me know that you stopped by.


Responsive Web Design
Mobile UI Design
Email Marketing
Visual QA Testing


The following testimonials were shared by colleagues and clients of mine, and they can also be found on my LinkedIn profile.

When the implementation and sales teams needed assets to help roll out a new product, Brent was there, creating decks, documenting processes and creating training materials - all without being asked to do it first. When he sees something that's needed that will be of benefit to everyone, he steps in and makes it happen. I think that he is an incredibly talented designer who obviously cares deeply for his craft and the products he works on. I very much enjoyed working with Brent as his design team lead at Bazaarvoice.

Desirae Beberniss

I worked with Brent at FeedMagnet and at Bazaarvoice, and he is one of the most talented, hard-working designers I've worked with. He has a very high attention to detail when producing mock ups and implementations, and can be as creative and prescriptive as our clients needed him to be. He also managed his design interns very well, giving them the freedom to learn and pushing their capabilities.

Brent loves to collaborate and is a great person to work with, which was key when we were such a small company. Ask him about brewing beer and he'll go on for ages (in a good way).

Albert Le

I worked closely with Brent for two years at FeedMagnet, and can highly recommend him. He's a super talented designer whose work is regularly admired by clients, and his quality of work is top notch. This guy won't push anything live until it's been thoroughly QA tested --- he even standardized the QA testing process at our company. Brent's also a great guy personally. He brings his friendliness and team spirit to work and always knows when to go for a beer.

Cat Nunnery

As soon as Brent joined us at FeedMagnet, he quickly came up to speed implementing great front-end designs for some of our most valued clients. He also tackled redesigning, cleaning up, and standardizing our own corporate design assets, a role that he identified and ran with his own initiative. His skills and hard work consistently delighted our clients. In next to no time, Brent became an essential and valued player on to our team

Marc Yagjian

Brent is a great user experience designer, collaborator, and all-around visual creative. His instincts in how to create engaging marketing sites and units are complemented by his keeping up with trends and standards in design in real-time. His work ethic is also very thorough when Brent is in a client-supporting role, staying on schedule and remaining adaptive to client feedback and requests.

Frank Burns

Brent made an amazing website for us and helped us manage our Wordpress site. He had great ideas and was always on time and on message. I would highly recommend Brent for any position in new media creation and management.

Tony Howlett

Brent helped us create the HTML and CSS structure we needed to style our application. It was a challenging project because it involved not only creating the styling, but also applying it into a live web application. Brent was very accommodating to our needs and was able to help us with a much needed skillset. Thanks!

Arthur Ardolino

There are plenty of developers/designers with attitudes. Brent is not one of them. He is very very dedicated, reliable, knowledgeable, has great follow through, nice and personable. I highly recommend him for projects or on your team.

Cindy Friedman

Brent is a strategic partner in our creative business model by consulting, developing, and implementing changes to our account with attention to detail, while never losing sight of the main goal. Brent is consistently available for last minute press releases, and never falters under the pressure of a dead line.

Mark Zwern

I worked with Brent to deliver a website audit project and he demonstrated a great attention to detail and was very thorough in the evaluation for SEO, design and UI. He was able to take observations and turn them into recommendations for a solid deliverable to the client.

Julie Almaguer

Brent is a very detailed web developer who creates good websites. He applies his knowledge and expertise to provide recommendations in order to achieve a better product. There have been many instances when he has gone above and beyond - working late nights and over holidays.

Sarah Tomlinson

I thoroughly enjoy working with Brent. He is extremely detail-oriented, yet also has a refreshing holistic approach that is unique in this field of increasing specialization. He strives to understand the big-picture goal, as well as, where he and his skill set fall in the process. That ability to see beyond himself makes him a great asset to any team. He is a professional in both the work he does and the way he interacts with others.

John Jordan

Brent has a knack for finding the solution, no matter what the project is. He is very professional and brings a method to the madness, even when there are no procedures in place. Brent thrives when he is challenged and puts pen-to-paper or mouse-to-computer so that his projects have a clear path from initial development to final implementation and launch. Recently Brent was integral in launching a brand asset site for a global communications firm and is always helpful with optimization projects as well as the popular Facebook landing pages and graphics.

Melanie Laurence Martin

Brent is a talented designer who works hard, is pleasant to work with, and is willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done.

Brian Rivers

Brent was placed next to me on his first day at Enfatico, and he's been a friend since. One of the most willing workers you'll ever meet, he quietly grasps the requirements of the job, takes advice to heart, and then applies it -- to the benefit of his clients. A talented art director and conscientious team player, Brent will be an asset to any digital creative project.

Joseph Craig Steel

Brent has a very creative mind, sharp design skills and a very good sense of humor.

John Nettle

Brent is one of those rare talents who not only produces high-caliber creative solutions, but also delivers the solution well before deadlines. As a program manager, if Brent was part of the team, I knew the creative would be nothing less than stellar. Any company would be lucky to engage Brent for senior digital design production, and I would be happy to speak on his behalf.

Jay Irion

Brent not only has a cool name, but he is a cool dude. He is somewhat like a digital ninja, quiet but deadly when it comes to executing the work. His advantage is his youth and rawness which only mean he has a ton of improvement and successes still to experience. I miss the guy already. He will compliment any team he becomes a part of.

Brent Kubesh

Brent is easily one of the most dedicated designers I've ever had the good fortune to work with. He has a positive attitude and a willingness to do whatever it takes to produce the best work. He's dependable with a fine attention to detail. His work has had a major impact on the profitability of Dell's Consumer e-mail

Michael Harris

Brent has a great energy about him. He tackles projects with a smile and encourages others around him. I was new to CSS at the time, and Brent helped me by explaining, correcting, and teaching concepts very patiently. He is easy to work with and makes friends easily.

Brent is not only a good designer, he is not afraid of challenges and changes in life. He has a genuine honesty about himself and life. When he sees something worth going for, he races for the prize. He's always trying new things, and he has a vision to see outside the normal spectrum. I'd work with Brent again in a heartbeat.

Gina Overstreet

Mr. Jones always inspired his co workers. His creative designs always brought out new direction for the company. Brent Jones is on the cutting edge of graphic/web design with a skill set any company would be fortunate to have.

Erick Moya


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